How did geography influence the lives of Native Americans

Clothing-  The Inuit used lined seal and walrus to keep them warm.

a-They used them because it was very cold and to keep them warm.

b-In Canada its very cold and they had to yous seal and walrus and animal skin.

Food-They eat caribou,seals,fish,ducks,gees,walrus,and reindeer

a-The Inuit tribe are more like a fishermen s then hunters.

b-They also dint  farm because the soul is too cold for farming that's why they fish and hunt.

Shelter-The Inuit used animal skin,walrus skin,and seal skin.

a-In Canada is very cold so they had to but lat of animal skin and walrus and seal.

b-In some ether pleases at the Inuit tribe is living in Alaska and they had to yous ice to build shelter.

The geographical reign at the Inuit is many hills and snow.

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