The Ithaca College TELE Collaborative

The Ithaca College TELE Collaborative is a working group committed to the advancement of Technology Enhanced Learning & Engagement pedagogy and practices. The Collaborative is focused on building institutional capacity for and community expertise with technology-enhanced and student-centered learning – and appropriately assessing the results of these activities. The Collaborative is dedicated to applying best practice in through this work in meeting the College’s commitment to excellence in teaching, scholarship and service.

The TELE Collaborative works across multiple Ithaca College offices and with faculty from all schools:

  • Provost's Office / Online Learning & Extended Studies (Rob Gearhart)
  • Center for Faculty Excellence (Wade Pickren, Judy Ross-Bernstein, and Gary Sforzo)
  • Library (Lis Chabot, Dan Taylor)
  • ITS (Marilyn Dispensa, Matt Gorney, Mary Jo Watts, and Tony Tabone)

My Reflections on
Humanizing Your Online Course

This experience was a great reminder of the effort required to "humanize" any learning experience - especially one where you are separated by distance or time - and the value that brings to the experience.  I think it is important to keep the barriers toward achieving that "humanization" low so that it is easier for faculty to realize this goal.  The tools demonstrated were very helpful in that regard.  VoiceThread was a big hit with team Ithaca and we're hoping to see a few great examples from their online courses to help make the case for an institutional commitment to it. 

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2 years ago

Hi Rob, ooh. Looks like you're finding a great use for Tackk! Is there an Animoto video on the way too? :) So glad you joined us with #TeamIthaca. :)

2 years ago

Thanks Michelle!