by: Haley D.


The YWCA was founded in 1855 in London. It was founded by two staggering women by the names of Mary Jane Kinnaird and Emma. .The YWCA helps a lot of women and children. They help them by getting them out of abusive situations and abusive house holds. Without the YWCA some women wouldn't have a place to stay. if they had kids they wouldn't have them living with them either. many women that go to the YWCA would be homeless without the YWCA's home program.

This woman named Mikayla moved out at age 18 and thought she could do it all on her own but that wasn't the way it happened for her. Mikayla was a younger mom and lost her job and soon after became homeless. She went to the YWCA and got into the Transitional Housing Program and after about a year she finished school and is now working up to becoming a social worker.

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