Training, Leadership styles and Appraisal

On and off training- on the job is when you are at the job you learn, off the job is when you travel somewhere else to learn about it.

the pros on the job:

. The employee can get specific job training under the supervision of an experienced employer. This would help them learn more about the job.

.The employer will build more confidence which would be able to build through out the training so that they get the job training correct and point out any mistakes that they might make.

.There would be no travel and no costs

.More practical

.Only learning what is necessary

The cons on the job:

. The trainer could rush the trainee which would cause many problems. such as: the trainee not knowing about all of the working skills they need.

.the trainee might learn bad habits which wouldn't be good for the job

.There would be less focus and more distractions

democratic leader: listens to other peoples views

authoritative leader: tells others what to do.