Mr. Carlson's Poeto

"Poeto" is a combination of the words "poem" and "photo". For the month of December, Mr. Carlson's 8th grade ELA class is going to create poems that are inspired by photos. These are my poems. The students' will be posted when they are edited. Mine should be edited...but....


My Swing

The water crashes against the rocks below

I can hear it from my swing

The tree creaks from the weight of my soul

I can hear it from my swing

The moon cries out; telling the tides to slow

I can hear it from my swing

I scream at myself to let go

I can hear it from my swing

I whisper to myself to hold on

I can hear it from my swing

The noise, the worries, the sadness, the hurt

I can hear it from my swing


Stout Leader

Orange and black and white and yellow

I feel your roar and your cry

don't doubt me now

my heart is that of monticello

favored pride and young stout leader

sink your teeth in your false believers

make them yours to devour

turn them against their natural power

find their passions and make them yield

this is your cord grass.... this is your field.


Gray World

gray world

gray world

are your colors hidden from me?

do you think less of me?

gray world

gray world

can you even hear me?

do you notice me?

gray world



We press and speed to get where we want to go

Must get there now! We can't go slow!

If we are late we might miss the next meeting place,

We can't be late - we can't lose the race

How can this world be so cruel?

Don't they know that I have things to do?

How can I progress when I am standing still.

Go, stop, go, stop!

These other people will never understand

I must get to my meeting, so I can do this all over again.

City Success

I beat you here today

I fought the good fight

You tried to slow me down with sickness

You tried to trip me up with doubt

I carried on

I won today

I endured and persevered

Tomorrow, you will try and wake before me

You will change your colors and shape

You might try and deceive me with false hope-

with settling, compromise, and mediocrity

I am none of those things - that you think

I showed you today that I am stronger than you

I will no doubt show you again tomorrow

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