Hernando Cortes and Hernando De Soto

by Dayvid Enwaya

Both Hernando Cortes and Hernando De Soto sailed to the southern part pf the United  States. Also they are both explores that sailed to the U.S and had 600 men.Also they both had at least 2 voyoges when the sailed to the U.S and back. Also they were both an explorer that sailed in the 1500.

The difference is that Cortes didn't loose any men on his voyage and de Soto die with 300 men and him. Also Cortes sailed in 1519 and De Soto sailed in 1539 with 600 men with De Soto and 650 with Cortes and De Soto sailed to The Tampa Bay and Cortes didn't sailed to The Tampa in 1539, but when De Soto die when sailing back with a fever. Also there different because De Soto died with a fever and Cortes didn't die with a fever.

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3 years ago

Great work! You followed the writing must-haves and wrote a nice comparison. You used too many of the word "also" though...