By: Carl Rumsey

Norway is located by sweden. The population is 4,952,000

The clothes that norwegans wear

the norwegans eat fish (nort pacific), steak, potatoes, and veggies

These are the sweaters that norwegans wear.. They cost about 100-250 dollars of the U.S.

This is a norwegian ice trumpet/horn. They have a tradition where people make their own ice trumpet and play it.

The dance norwegians do The Poulsca

This is the base words of the Norwegian language

This is the average house in Norway that they live in.

The white is Norway thats the shape and size. This is the map of Norway.

This is the landscape of Norway

The money is called Norwegian Krone 1 of those are equal to .17 cents. The 500 dollar bill of norway is equal to 86.67 cents.

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