Lonoke Elementary School Learning Community

by Brooke Ford

Lonoke Elementary School serves approximately 450 students.

The school services third through fifth grades.

The district is in a small town of 4,287 people.

There is a real sense of small town pride in this district.

The Lonoke Train Depot is one of the many historic buildings that can be found in Lonoke. The actual railway was removed many years ago, but the building has been lovingly preserved. It now houses the Lonoke Chamber of Commerce.

This is my favorite of the historic homes in Lonoke.

Lonoke is located about 25 miles east of Little Rock, according to the Lonoke School website.

I love these beautiful historic homes.

Photo used from the Metro Little Rock Alliance website. This is the historic Lonoke County Courthouse, built in 1928.

This beautiful historic home is another of my favorites, located in the city of Lonoke.

Downtown Lonoke, Arkansas.

I drive past this adorable old house every day on my way to school.

Lonoke is a rural community, which includes many farms.

The United States Census Bureau shows persons living below poverty level from 2007 to 2011 were 13.4 percent of the population in Lonoke County. The percentage of students receiving free and reduced lunch is over 70%.

Many homes bear this flag out front, showing school and community pride.

Other Information

Lonoke County has a population that is 90.7 percent Caucasian, according to the 2012 United States Census. The remaining population consists of 6.0 percent African American, 0.6 percent American Indian and Alaskan Natives, 0.9 percent Asian, 0.1 percent Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islanders, 1.7 percent two or more races, and 3.6 percent Hispanic or Latino, also according to the 2012 United States Census.

"Lonoke is a leader in the production of rice, cotton, soybeans, fish and minnows. The greatest percentage of employment opportunities in the area is agricultural. A few local industries employ a small percentage of workers. Many residents commute to employment in the Little Rock area.” This information comes from the Lonoke School District website.

The city is also known for its historical markers and buildings according to the Lonoke Chamber of Commerce. According to this source there are several points of historical interest. They include the “Lonoke County Courthouse, Lonoke Depot, Lonoke County Museum, Joe Hogan Fish Hatchery, many historic homes, and Eberts Field,” which was “a World War II air training field.”

The city of Lonoke is a wonderful place to work. I enjoy being a professional in this community. While I do not currently reside in Lonoke, I hope to relocate there at some point in the future. As an educator in the district, the best recommendation I can give is that I entrust my own children to this educational system. My son and daughter are both thriving under the care of the Lonoke School District. They have never gone to school anywhere else. The only suggestion I could have for this community would be to re-install the railway system that used to run through Lonoke. I believe this would create more industry in the area, promoting growth. I do hesitate in that somewhat, because I love the small town atmosphere. In summation, Lonoke is a learning community full of opportunities for students to flourish.

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