What aspects of Bellow's talk resonated with you as an educator? Please expand.

      After viewing Adam Bellow’s YouTube speech I was struck by a couple of ideas he mentioned.  First, he expressed the need for 21st century technology in the classroom.  Adam described technology within schools as “oxygen”.  If that is the case we have been dying at my school site and schools all across California.  We either need technology bought and maintained at the school site, or technology that is brought by the students daily.  We can not move forward in a 21st century classroom unless students have these basic tools.  

       The next idea that struck me was the idea of ongoing professional development emphasizing web tools at a school site. There are so many great technology websites that could be useful in a classroom.  Schools have not adjusted the structure to allow for this to happen during the school day.  These workshops usually come as a one time yearly event or not at all.  Meaningful technology professional development could allow the dissemination of information to teachers and students.  

       Being a lifelong learner in the 21st century is very exciting.  I feel that most schools are following a traditional method of learning that would resemble someone’s education in the 1980’s.  Structures are beginning to change and I am encouraged as we move forward