Byzantine Empire

425 - ... AD

                The Byzantine Empire is an ancient Empire that ties to the Roman Empire. It was the Eastern half of the old Roman Empire. The Byzantine and the Roman Empire are nothing alike because the Romans capital was Rome, and the Byzantine Empires capital was Constantinople. Their religion was also different the Romans was Roman Catholic which is a type of Christianity, and the Byzantine Empire was Greek Orthodox which is also a type of Christianity.  One more thing that was different was there language. The Romans Language was Latin, and the Byzantine Empires language is Greek.  
               The Byzantine Empire also had a great impact on Russia. Most of the Byzantine ideas were passed to Russia though trade. They inherited things like the Cyrillic alphabet, there religion, art, and also Architecture. The Byzantine Empire saved the knowledge of the Greek and Roman Empire such as art, ideas and there old culture. The Byzantine Empire also last much longer than the Roman Empire because they had an organized government, they didn’t get too big, and they also minded their own business.

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