Video for musicians.

Star in your own movie.

Windspeed Media Lab puts you and your band in the film. In the studio, on tour, on stage, backstage. Wherever your action is, we capture it, edit it, and make you a star.

We are musicians and videographers.

We understand music and bands: jazz, rock, classical, folk. We are composers and players and music producers. We get it.

We've also done super high-quality video production for about 25 years. We know how to capture your music and turn it into video as good as anything out there. Seriously.

A short clip for your web site or a feature length documentary with concert footage. A Hard Day's Night. Or Spinal Tap. However you want it. You and your music will look amazing.

Any kind of music video.

  • "The Making of [Your CD]".
  • In your home studio writing the songs.
  • Rehearsing for the gig.
  • In the limo [or the band van].
  • Live concert or club date.
  • Interviews.
  • Reviews/fan comments.

Contact us.

For more information, contact us at or 413 528 6021.

Windspeed: Scot Broderick, Larry Chernicoff + associates.

Here's a sample of our work. It's intimate, engaging, and it shows off the artist. Just the way she is. Let us do you, too.

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