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What App Do I Get? (part II)

Audio and Video Apps

In your work as an IC you may find yourself with the opportunity to use your iPad's camera features. Snapping pictures and capturing video is a snap with iPad. You can get quite creative with your pics and video- with the right apps!

You also have the ability to capture audio recordings- conversations, guest speakers etc. with your iPad. Many note taking apps have the ability to capture sound embedded in the app itself, but you can also find apps solely dedicated to recording audio.

Where Do I Start?

With hundreds, probably thousands of apps in the app store, it is hard to know where to start. Luckily, with last year's Pilot Program we are able to provide a few suggestions. In addition, we appreciate the heads up we get from IC's who like to share what they are using this year. Please continue to keep us in the loop!

Camera Apps (Audio and Video)

Don't Forget These!

There are fantastic apps out there that can capture your work live - and be used with students and teachers as well.  Educreations and ShowMe are two free apps that turn your iPad into an interactive whiteboard. It captures the audio and video which you can share as tutorials, movies, etc. They are sure winners and are highly recommended!!

Click here to request apps:

Remember that if an app is not listed on the form, you can put in a request to get it. There is no need to request free apps- just go ahead and download!

Please share apps you are using in your practice- we'd love to help get the word out!

Looking for More?

Click the button above to take you directly to the wiki- where coaches have shared their app suggestions. Categories include apps for working with students, coaching/documentation, etc. Be sure to scroll all the way down :)

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