Kitchen Recipe App

JQuery Mobile App


Kitchen Recipe App is an app created using JQuery Mobile framework for any Mobile Platform like IOS, Android, Blackbery and many other devices. This app created by two menus category, Recipe Category and About App. In Recipe Category have 6 menu recipe and you can add more. About App is menu for display about in this app.In this file have 2 file in 1 main file, for quest and admin. Different of that 2 file is Kitchen Recipe App for user just can look and give comment to all recipe and can’t do the other, but Kitchen Recipe App for Admin can handle full access for add, edit, delete, update all recipe, categories, comment, rate and slider on this app.


1. Include 3 different themes.
        – Main files include 3 themes, white, grey and yellow.
2. Using JQuery Mobile Framework.
        – Support all Mobile Platform like IOS, Android, Blackbery, and other.
3. HTML 5, PHP and My SQL.
        – Handled with easy code php and My SQL database.
4. Comment for quest.
        – Quest can give comment to all recipes.
5. Full Access for Admin.
        – Support full access for admin to configure this app like add, edit, delete, upload for all category, recipe, give comment and rate in this app.
6. Full Support.
        – You can email me to configure this app in your webhosting.
7. Easy Customized.
        – Use admin access to customized this app.
8. Well documented.
        – Inlude user guide.