The way she overcame her fears.


Maria was Sofias sister. They were the best of friends, enduring there fathers death together which was the hardest thing for them. But together they were strong, they stuck up for each other just like true friends. There bond was un breakable, until they day when Maria took the risk of stepping off the path. The one even that was to never happen, happened. From that day, Maria was to rest in piece, remembering all the fun and exciting times with Sofia, she was to now sleep and rest, as she was in heaven.


Sofia is one of the most bravest and straight minded girl. With a strong heart she dealt with her fathers loss, as well as her friend, her sister. From then on Sofia become the most beautifulest and brave person. With both legs missing, she was not giving up no matter what. Her wish to dance and to run was slowly fading away, but that was before she got her new pair of plastic legs. Still Sofia was looking at the positive side, but the thought of not being able to run or dance was concerning her. Through out her journey meeting many friends that she would never forget, the most special moment was owning her own sewing machine and running her very own business. Meeting a boy who she showed no interest with might have some interest with her.


Dr Raul was a life saver from the beginning. As soon as he saw Sofia's damage, he thought that she wouldn't make it, but that wasn't the case. As Sofia recovered, Dr Raul was trying to do everything he could to help Sofia walk again, and for that too happen he got his good friend who made legs for a living, to made Sofia a new set of legs that she would cherish forever. Sofia and Dr Raul went through a lot together, he helped her as much as she helped him. Dr Raul was a caring person who wouldn't let let anyone especially Sofia live in pain or on the streets. He opened his house for her and helped her until Sofia's mum came to bring her home. If it wasn't for Dr Raul, Sofia wouldn't be alive.


Isas was not the friendliest of men. When Sofia returned from hospital, she was shocked to see the man that Lydia was with. A rude man who didn't like any of Lydia's kids. This was the hardest part for Sofia, who wanted to see her mum happy, but with Isas around, no one was happy. He was a bad man. When Sofia left home, Isas stole goods and hid them so no one would find out, but he got caught out. The police took him away for stealing other people's goods, and that was the end of Lydia and Isas's relationship, and Sofia returned home, with no fear, no sadness, just forgiveness.


Sofia went through a lot in her childhood, more than what any other child should or would go through. She first lost her major role model, her dad. He died from bandits who killed him with an axe. Not only did they kill innocent people, they also burnt down the village, leaving Sofia's mum Lydia, her sister Maria and her little brother to move villages which was one of the most daunting things for her.

They got accepted into a refugee camp where they settled in nicely. Before they knew it, the girls were expected into school where they were too memorise all that they learnt as there were no pens or paper. One very important thing that the girls learnt this one day was too never walk off the path, know matter how impatient you were, you were too never walk off the path. But that one rainy morning, Sofia and Maria were playing a game when Maria stepped off the path. BOOM. From that moment on, both their lives were changed for ever.

They woke in the hospital, not knowing what had happened or what was going on, but it didn't take long for Sofia to realise that she was missing a leg. Her fury was upsetting, knowing that she wouldn't be able to walk or even dance her favourite thing, around the fire late at night, dancing and singing like no one was watching. She would look beside her and see Maria in just as much pain. This was the first time Sofia met Dr Raul, he had faith in Sofia in the beginning although he thought she mightn't make it. It was Sofia's tears which soaked up into her pillow when Dr Raul told her that both legs were missing, the pain became stronger, her feelings grew angrier, she would never be the same again. One night, the moon shined in threw the window while one of the nurses slept on a chair, Maria and Sofia held hands. They talked, about how much they were in pain, especially Maria. The only thing she wanted to do was to go home, away from the hospital, away from her pain. She wanted to go back to playing games in the fields, and collecting water. That night their hands grew tighter and Maria's voice became quieter, her eyes closed for the last time, her grip loosened, Sofia new that she had lost her only sister. She cried with pain, she felt so upset but yet she didn't know what was going on until that morning. Sofia woke up to an empty bed with no Maria beside her. She had realised that Maria was dead.

The next few days wasn't the best for her. Each day she became more and more confused, she had lost her sister as well as her legs. Dr Raul came with some good news, she was getting a new set of legs which she would use everyday. She was then moved from her room at the hospital for more sick people, instead she was placed in a house around the corner from the hospital. The lady put her in the house and left her there, alone. Sofia was scared and tired, she slept in her wheelchair singing herself to sleep. This way she felt calm and safe, as if Maria could hear her and was calm too. She missed her mum more than anything but there was no way Lydia could get to the hospital and see Sofia. She woke in her wheelchair when she heard a woman come towards her. Her reaction was heartbroken when Veronica her new nurse realised that she had been there alone all night. Sofia was glad to see some one look after her. Veronica wheeled her through a dirt track till they reached a long building full of verandas which everyone was sitting out on. Sofia was wheeled into her new room where she would get looked after whilst she was learning to walk. She was given food which tasted yuck but yet she ate it so they wouldn't force feed her. Whilst she was sleeping, she made a new friend whose name was Hortensia. She had lost one of her legs as well, Sofia instantly felt happier that she could have a friend who knew what she was going through.

Hortensia had left the caring institute, she was walking with her new leg. Sofia was upset, she was alone again, by herself. She was walking again with the help of her new friends and her crutches which she would need to use every where. Time had passed and Sofia had used her money to buy a ticket to return home. This was so exciting for her, being able to see her mum which she hadn't for a long time. To her surprise she saw her mum and her little brother, but Sofia had noticed that her mum was expecting another child. She was so excited, she really wanted to know who the new man was. Time had flied and Sofia had returned to hospital when she got the good news that she could return home. She was so excited, but when she met who the father was, her excitement flew away. Isas was a rude man who scared everyone even Lydia. Sofia was scared, the only thing to do was to return the city and find Dr Raul so he could help her. She left at dawn and arrived there in three days as she walked. She was lethargic and tired, she settled herself beside Dr Raul's car, it was then that he realised that Sofia was in need of help.

Dr Raul let her stay at his house for the night, she was so grateful and loved every moment of it. He also let her stay at his friends sisters house where she let Sofia stay for a while. It was then that Sofia met Fatima where she learnt more about sewing, as well as Fatima allowing her to help make a wedding dress for a customer. Sofia was blessed, this was exactly what she wanted to do, sew for her customers, that was until Totio showed up and told her that he was retiring from his business back at their village and that Sofia was the chosen one who would then take care and run the business on her own. She was flattered, but confused as too moving back to the village.

Once she decided to take Totio's offer she said her goodbyes and left for her village one last time. Things were good for Sofia, her mum had the baby, her brother was happy again, Isas left because he robbed and lied, and Sofia was now running her own sewing business. Could this be the moment when Sofia meets her future husband?

This is the route in which Sofia has travelled. From her original village, to her new village to the city. She has had many events happen to her through out these routs, she overcame everything and was super strong.  

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