The Universe was Before Him

mathematical genius  
by Harriet Thelander

Maquis de Laplace's Significant Story

Marquis de Laplace was born as Pierre Simon Laplace on the 23rd of March 1749. He was born about 250 years ago in a small town called Beaumont-en-Auge in Normandy. He died on the 5th of March 1827, in Paris. As a child growing up his Mother (Marie-Anne Sochon) and his Father(Pierre Laplace) were a poor family who had few resources living in a very small house. They lived next door to neighbours that were rich with money that was endless to spend.

However, Laplace was extremely smart and entered Caen University when he was only 16, he developed an interest in mathematics. He work very hard and achieved great results. At the age of 19 he moved to Paris before finishing his degree, but eventually became a Professor of Mathematics at Ecole Militarie.

Five years later he had already written 13 scientific papers regarding integral calculus, mechanics and physical astronomy. This gained him fame and popularity all over France. Laplace heavily contributed tin the development of different equations, probability and statistics.

The work that Laplace pioneered using mathematics to calculate the orbits of the planets has made an enormous contribution to our knowledge of astronomy.

Laplace was made a member of Paris Academic Sciences In 1773 where he assumed a senior position in 1785. In 1817 Pierre Simon Laplace changed his name to Marquis de Laplace, a well known French name.

Laplace's research leaves a lasting impact today as people continue to use his methods to calculate the orbits of planets in our solar system. His work with probability is still used in various areas of our life to calculate scientific data.