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The girl who never gave up

I walked around wondering what to do. well what can you do when you just realized you wasted your whole summer watching tv and sitting at home. I went to the beach twice and if i lived far away from the beach that would be something different but the beach is 0.5 miles from my house. The only reason i havent been there has been haunting me this whole summer. If people could just leave me alone. I walk the street feeling pain with every step. I have decided  to just let go of everthing, life would be better without me,  my parents and my brother.

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I lifted up the gun, i could feel the cold metal against my forehead. The tears ran down my face, why?  why should I be so sad this is my realease to everything. My body is shaking so hard i can barely feel the gun in my hands. I droped the gun on the floor and right after i dropped.

30,thousand people die everyyear of suside thats alot of people me being one of them. or at least attempt.

i have nothing left for my life but yet god kept me. who knows why i guess im just waiting to see

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