The battle of Hastings

By Claudia Klose

The battle that shaped the English Monarchy

King Edward told Earl Harold to visit France and hold discussions with William Duke of Normandy. When Harold reaches France william rewards him by making him a knight of his court and makes him swear and oath of loyalty on the bible. When Harold returns to England he finds Edward in a very bad state of Health. Harold told Edward all about his journey to France. Then on the 5th of January 1066 Edward Died. The next day Harold is crowned King of England. Harald King of Norway thought that he should be the king as his ancestors were the kings before. So Harald sailed to england and captured York in August. Harold Sends his Army south to fight Harald. In Stamford the vikings have a bazerka on the bridge and every time an english soldier tried to cross the bridge they were brutaly killed. so one english soldier snuck under the bridge and stuck a pike up the bottom of the vikintg freeing a path for the english. the battle ended when Harald got hit with an arrow in the throat. William of Normandy landed in the North so the englosh had to march all the way north again to fight William. When they reach Hastings the english had an advantage as they were standing on a hill but they were so tired that they lost the battle and Harold was killed when he was shot in the eye with an arrow. William had won and was crowned king of england on the 25th of December. We now know William as William the conquerer.

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