Don't You Forget about Al!

Are you going to a barren planet? Do you have what you need to survive? Not if you don't have ALUMINUM! Aluminum is necessary for everyday life. You can use Aluminum to build homes and things necessary for cooking and having fun! If you have extra Aluminum from construction of goods, it's recyclable  so that the entire community can benefit from the uses of Aluminum.  Aluminum is not limited to only building and goods, but you can cook (because it conducts heat) and it is not corrosive, so if water is some how found on this planet, you do not have to worry about your house washing away. Aluminum can ever remind you of home, the Washington Monument is tipped with it! Look below for the list of the numerous uses of Aluminum and the rank of how useful this element can be to your new home. And remember, "Don't You Forget About Al"


-Packaging (For sending things to family back on Earth)

-Construction (For shelter)

-Baseball Bats (Fun and Defensive)

-Household Items such as Cooking Utensils, watches. etc. (Functional)

-Street Lighting (Functional)

-Electrical Transition Wires (Precious Electricity)

-CD's and Electronics (Entertainment)

-Paint (Made of powdered Aluminum and it's Functional)

-Coins (Setting up a money system for this new planet)

-Guitars (Entertainment and Defensive (it's possible)

-Rubber (Aluminum Chloride)

-Aluminum is used in a compound that makes Rubies and Sapphire (Good for trading)

You can trade any of these items for anything you may possibly need!

Biological: Your body does not need need Aluminum to survive.

Social: Aluminum is needed socially because you can trade it for things that you body needs to survive.

Functional: Aluminum is the most functional element that exists! You can make more than a thousand things out of Aluminum!

Defensive: Aluminum is only defensive because you can make things like baseball bats to protect yourself.  

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