iTech US

A member of the National Minority Supplier Development Council, iTech US provides software solutions tailored to its clients' requirements.

About iTech US

Founded in 2001 by CEO Kishore Khandavalli, iTech US provides custom software solutions for clients throughout the United States. iTech US focuses on hiring an elite team of IT professionals from all over the word to provide expertise in software development and end-to-end technology resolutions.

Client-centered initiatives like iTech's 3C4 approach (competence, clarity, and communication leading to cost-optimization) and a company-wide commitment to the central tenants of quality, visibility, communication, and accountability enable an exceptional level of customer service. Employees understand that the best solutions are flexible and can only be achieved through adequate training, efficient processes, and thorough checks and balances. Clients remain informed throughout the progression of project development and delivery, and have direct access to all technical teams and account managers. iTech US remains committed to the belief that communication is the most critical aspect of partnership.

With headquarters in South Burlington, Vermont, and a number of regional offices, the company prides itself on providing custom software services and data solutions to major American corporations. For more information, visit

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