Gorilla Foundation

BY: Tyler

My Five Facts

Did You know that there are Five Wildlife Protectors Funds Projects? What is the Wildlife Protectors Fund? The Wildlife Protectors Fund is an Ape Foundation committed to ending the Bushmeat Crisis. The Bushmeat Crisis is the Slaughter of Apes and endangered Wildlife.
                                                          Koko                                                                          Koko is a Female lowland gorilla who was born in 1971. her and her friend Michael could speak English using sign language. Isn't that amazing! Have you ever heard of a gorilla having a kitten? well Koko had a pet kitten. when i found this out i thought it was hysterical. I thought Koko was a very smart and loveable Gorilla. These are my new favorite 5 facts about Koko. By the ways thank you for you're gorilla Tackk i absolutely loved it.                                            

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