Music, lyrics, New things.. Cute music:)

All things music x)

Music Is what life sounds like, But a bit SWEETER.

Music is all about you. You wouldn't listen to music you're not into.. Right.? Music represents who you are, and what you're all about. Music Can be the voice of your heart ^.^

Everyones music choice is unique to them. wheather it be scream, rock, indie, or soothing cute music:)

Music touches places in the soul words could never reach

music fits almost every single emotion you would or could have. Love, Anger, Happiness, Confusion, Random, Comforting.. therefore, Music is the voice. The voice of your SOUL. music Helps you, Be YOU. your "YOU"-NESS if you will. xD

Tackk it up!

Music, its your right to be happy. pursuit of happiness - Kid Cudi

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