The Coastal Plains of Georgia

By Sam Wessells

The Coastal Plains region is the largest and southernmost region of Georgia. The geography of this region is very flat, making farming a main resource. Important crops include peaches, peanuts, cotton, and the famous Vidalia onions, named for the city. The Outer Coastal Plain is home to Georgia's oldest city, Savannah. The Barrier Islands of Georgia are a popular tourist destination because of the seashore. Tourism is also a very important feature of the economy in the Coastal Plains alongside farming.

Physical Features- The Fall Line

A geographical line that separates the Coastal Plains from the Piedmont region. Many natural waterfalls are along this feature making boat travel difficult. As a result, cities like Macon, Augusta, Milledgeville, and Columbus were founded where cargo was transferred from boats to wagons and trains.

Physical Features- Savannah River

The city of Savannah was founded along this important waterway, and that is because of the ocean ports that transport goods in and out of Georgia.

Physical Features- Barrier Islands

A series of islands previously used as military bases in Georgia's early days are a big part of the tourism industry in Georgia. These islands also protect the coast from ravaging storms and hurricanes.

Physical Features- Okefenokee Swamp

Located in Southeastern Georgia, the Okefenokee Swamp is the second largest freshwater swamp in the United States. It consists of mossy forests dotted with lakes, islands, and prairies. Also a National Wildlife Refuge, many species of plants and animals make this swamp their habitat.

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