Ian McDaniel Staten Island

An Experienced Computer Programmer and IT Leader

About Ian McDaniel Staten Island

Before beginning his career as a vice president and project manager at Citigroup in the mid-2000s, Ian McDaniel started out as a computer and software programmer in his home borough of Staten Island. New York. Ian McDaniel graduated cum laude with a degree in computer science from St. John’s University. He went on to work as a programmer at the information technology firm ICP, Inc., from 1998 to 2001.

From 2001 to 2004, McDaniel served as a consultant for Accenture. In this role, he helped create and implement new projects and components for AT&T, including the company’s Kaleidoscope and CustomerConnect initiatives. He then joined Citigroup as an assistant vice president in 2004. During his first three years with the financial services enterprise, he worked in the Ab Initio Center of Excellence, where he oversaw the design and development of Citi projects in risk, equities, compliance, and finance technologies.

Today, Ian McDaniel works as a senior vice president for Citigroup and manages a global project aimed at improving regulatory reporting on the local level. Over the years, McDaniel's and his team have earned various corporate accolades, including a Global Corporate Operations Technology Team recognition and a 2007 Best Project Delivery in the data distribution infrastructure division.

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