Ian Renner of Connecticut - Being Confidential

Ian Renner of Connecticut is a professional artist who has been designing various sets for Hollywood movies for quite some time now. He has worked on some very big and exclusive projects, ones that required a certain level of confidentiality and secrecy. Ian says that this secrecy is necessary because of how many projects attempt to have all of the content leaked before release. What Ian means is that in Hollywood, much of the profit generated and the simple showmanship involved in Movies and Television can be ruined by spoilers that plague the internet today. That is why Ian and other artists who have invested a lot of time in the project work very hard to maintain a level of confidentiality so that everything they have been working on isn't simply ruined for their viewing audience. Ian says that this is so important in the field because there is a certain artistic ethics that exists in Hollywood, and that some artists are put under the pressure of being offered compensation in the form of money in exchange for information or leaks about a television show or movie. Ian says that this is usually because a magazine or emagazine wants the scoop or story before in comes out in attempts to make a name for themselves.

Ian Renner of Connecticut says that lately in the industry artists have begun to train in ways to keep their developments secret. Ian says that this is to directly combat all of the journalists and other magazine and media employees who are desperate to learn the next step in their favorite television show or movie sequel. Ian says that now artists must be trained not to convey this information, as well as learn how to keep their integrity when faced with a bribing situation.

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