Ian Renner of Florida - In Touch with the Divine

Ian Renner of Florida has a Ph.D. in civil engineering, but for the last fifteen years has been investing in real estate full time. He says that his investments have been enormously profitable, and that he currently owns a string of apartment and commercial buildings in Orlando, Florida, where he lives, and in Miami and Tampa.

The day-to-day administrative details of managing his properties are left to his management team, while he studies the market and weighs new investment opportunities. He is lucky enough to have an extremely flexible schedule, and is able to pursue his interests in outdoor activities while still staying connected to the office via his smart phone.

One of the things that Ian Renner Florida does at least once a week, if the weather allows it, is get in a hike of at least a couple hours duration. He says that nothing can surpass the pleasure he gets from being out on a trail by himself, and encountering an awesome view or a wild animal – "Provided the animal isn't aggressive, and doesn't get too close," he adds with a laugh. He likes to load up his backpack with a few hiking essentials, like water, sunscreen, and a hat, and set out on the trail.

An obvious benefit of all that walking is that it helps Ian Renner of Florida to stay in shape. But there are other benefits, such as the stress relief he gets from being out on the trail, and the sense of camaraderie on the occasions he goes hiking with a couple of his buddies. And finally, he says that hiking alone along a peaceful trail does a lot for his sense of spirituality. "If getting in touch with nature doesn't get you in touch with the Divine," he says, "then nothing will."

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