Ian Renner New York - Designing Sets

Ian Renner of New York has been a set designer in the film and TV industry for nearly a quarter of a century. He attended the New York Academy of Film and graduated in 1986, but says that his real education in film making and set design didn't begin until he began finding work. His earliest jobs came in TV commercials, and says that this work was like his apprenticeship.

"A set designer is the guy who is in charge of designing and creating all of the sets for a film or a TV show," he says. "Sounds kind of self-explanatory, doesn't it? But there is a lot more involved than just building a set and bringing in some furniture for it."

As the set designer, which is sometimes called the scenic designer, Ian Renner of New York works closely with a project's director and design team to discuss the details of the sets that everyone has in mind, and to go over how everyone is interpreting the project. Ultimately it is the director's vision that dominates, but he says that it is common for everyone to be on the same page.

By then he has always read the script, usually three or four times, and has made some preliminary sketches. Once the sets and locations are confirmed he begins producing more detailed plans, which usually include making models. All of has to be done within budget. But Ian Renner of New York says that the work is very satisfying, and it allows him to bring a lot of creativity to the table every day.

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