I-BRITE Eye Whitening Treatment Available Exclusively in L.A. Area

I-BRITE Eye Whitening, a cosmetic ophthalmology procedure, helps makes eyes whiter and brighter. I-BRITE is a proprietary technique created by Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler and is available exclusively at the Boxer Wachler Vision Institute in Beverly Hills, California.

The I-BRITE process involves removing the conjunctive membrane, which overlays the whites of the eyes and can contain unsightly red veins, brown spots, or white or yellow growths. Removing the membrane allows a new memembrane to grow back clear and free of discoloration. This outpatient procedure normally takes less than 20 minutes per eye and does not require stitches or laser treatments.

Patients who choose I-BRITE Eye Whitening can expect to see full results within several weeks. Side effects are generally mild and temporary, and many candidates return to work and other normal activities the day after the procedure. For more information about I-BRITE, please visit www.boxerwachler.com/i-brite-eye-whitening.