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Icon Capital Sarl is the management firm of Icon Investments Fund, a private securitization fund registered in Luxembourg. Icon Capital Sarl works with a number of experts and investment professionals in securitization, banking, insurance, broadcasting technology, and structured finance to ensure that investor funds properly handled. The company also coordinates with successful financial institutions to ensure that investments are tuned to changing market conditions.

Securitization funds are governed in Luxembourg by legislation implemented on March 22, 2004. The process of securitization allows an owner of a risk bearing asset to unload their risk in the asset through the issuance of stocks or bonds. Risk bearing assets eligible for securitization can take many forms, including commercial debts, mortgages, current accounts, shares, debenture loans, or immovable assets, as well as activities with a certain, reasonable, or future income. The income produced for investors by the securities issued is directly linked to the risk and performance of the assets.

BBC, EE, and Fans Demo 4G Broadcasting App During FA Cup Final

Established in 2008, investment management company Icon Capital Sarl is dedicated to helping shareholders take advantage of securitization opportunities across various sectors. Supported by experts in such fields as banking, broadcast technology, and structured finance, Icon Capital Sarl directs a number of its investments toward broadcasting innovations in the sports industry.

On May 30, 2015, during the FA Cup final between Arsenal and Aston Villa, the BBC partnered with British mobile network operator Everything Everywhere (EE) to test out a new innovation in 4G mobile broadcasting. The two companies harnessed technology known as evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast (eMBMS), which allows any device in a given area to connect to a single live high-definition video stream. This method addresses many of the issues associated with current mobile streaming techniques, which transfer video from the network to individual users on-demand and can cause problems that include buffering and pixilation due to network strain.

EE and the BBC recruited fans of both football clubs to help test the new 4G broadcast capabilities, with EE providing an in-house mobile application that allowed users to view the match on their tablets from a variety of perspectives. The app offered numerous live camera angles during the match, including the traditional television coverage supplied by BBC One as well as two additional feeds from inside Wembley Stadium. From the network’s broadcast truck outside of the stadium, the BBC’s research and development professionals used MPEG-Dash and the BBC’s proprietary Stagebox technology to transmit in-stadium feeds live to the EE application. The app also allowed viewers to view replays and access live, interactive statistics.

What to Expect from Dolby AC-4

Managing a variety of sub-funds listed on Clearstream, Icon Capital Sarl offers expertise in real estate development and global money markets. Icon Capital Sarl also handles broadcasting technology investments.

In September of 2015, Dolby Laboratories announced its work on a new audio system. Dubbed Dolby AC-4, the broadcast technology is expected to provide the following.

Enhanced Flexible Audio Compression System

Well-suited for 4K UHD, AC-4 will improve compression efficiency by 50 percent over the current standard. This ensures high quality audio during broadcasts, even when video signals strain sound delivery.

Compatibility with Multiple Platforms

Dolby AC-4 will work on traditional broadcasting modalities, such as television and radio, as well as mobile networks and hybrid broadcast and broadband systems.

Simple and Affordable Implementation

Dolby intends to make the technology easy and inexpensive to use by adding a built-in self-configuration and automation system. Users will also have access to native support for dynamic range control and dialogue enhancement.

Audio Option Variety

AC-4 can carry channel- and object-based programming, which can be used to provide different audio options. For example, a person watching a broadcasted sporting event could choose what commentary they prefer to listen to, based on the options available.

Business Customs Practiced in Luxembourg

A securitization fund firm based in Luxembourg, Icon Capital Sarl has provided clients with financial management services since 2008. When a company opens its doors in Luxembourg, associates at firms like Icon Capital Sarl can expect to practice certain regional business customs.

When greeting a potential client or business partner in Luxembourg during a first meeting, remain formal. Businessmen and women should offer a handshake and address all involved parties using titles unless otherwise requested.

Punctuality is also a matter of importance, and it is considered disrespectful to be late to an appointment. If a business associate anticipates that he or she may be late, it is considered good manners to place a personal phone call, offer an apology, and give the other party an opportunity to reschedule.

Apart from valuing formality and punctuality, the business culture of Luxembourg also values directness. Excessive small talk and lengthy explanations have no place in a meeting; business leaders prefer to remain tactful and straightforward. Additionally, Luxembourg has strict laws against corrupt business dealings, such as money laundering or the financing of terrorist actions.

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