Five Mobile Apps for K-12

Five Mobile Apps for Grade K-12

1.  Animation Creator HD Lite For IPad: Students can create their own  story animations. They can create characters and bring them to life by adding audio. This a great App for any age group because for smaller students you can start out with small stories. For junior high level students you can get them to write about bullying and this gives them a creative outlet. For high school you could give them more diverse assessments and get them cover more sensitive issues like abuse or sexual assault through this app.

2. Journal Jar – "students simply shake this app to get a writing prompt. Give them about 5 to 10 minutes to come up with stories based on this prompt". This is a great way to break up topics so all the students are no writing about all the same topics. This is also a great way to stimulate students on the spot and critical thinking skills. This would be a good app for students Grade 4 and up. The teacher could shake the app and whatever topic the student he or she has to write about that topic.

3. Voice Thread- "students can post videos, drawings, images and more then have their classmates comment on what they upload." We did this for one of our Modules and it allowed for me to express my self at more than one level. So, this allows students to make a video or presentation or just images and pre-record the comments that will accompany them. Lots of fun!

4. Talking Tom & Ben News Reporters- "students create dialogues that reflect any news item worldwide and around the school. Kids will love when Tom and Ben report that news."(Terrell 2013) This a great way to present current events; it mixes technology with what is happening socially around the students. It also gets the students to engage with the material because they have to write the dialogues and then they could present it to the class. Topics such as what is happening Egypt could be reported.

5. Animoto Video Creation App: this app allows you to grate a video full of images and allows you to make it to music. I used this app in my Social minor class on the subject of perspectives. The students had to make a video taking a different cultures perspective of Canada. This is a great way for students to engage with the material, find the images and then find the song that will tie all the pictures together. Students can also add pictures. I think this app is great or a junior high level to high school level. Students can be expected to make videos about anything like Canada's role in world war 1 or 2. They can then play it to the class and show them their perspective instead of doing a quiz or essay.

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