iData Research

Team Leads Industry in Medical Market Research

About iData Research

As an international provider of research and data solutions for the medical sector, iData Research provides consulting and business intelligence services. The team of qualified analysts at iData consistently offers accurate information that allows clients to make strategic marketing decisions.

Team members from iData’s diverse, highly educated taskforce come from a number of educational and professional backgrounds, including medicine, dentistry, engineering, the sciences, and finance. The company’s capabilities cover a wide range of categories that reflect the team’s extensive scope of competencies. From diagnostics and diabetes to women’s health and wound management, iData’s expert researchers are always ready to provide the company’s clients with relevant, actionable market data in the clients’ desired topics.

iData Research’s North American office is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada. The company serves clients on a global scale, from the Americas and Europe to the Middle East and Asia. For more information, visit

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