Identity Theft

Are you the only you?

In the last year alone, there are a speculated  16 million who's identity has been stolen.

Are you next? Below are some ways to lower the risk of Identity theft.

ways to Prevent Identity Theft

Criminals can target you from many angles, so stay on your toes and follow these simple but effective steps.

Only carry essential documents on you.

Not carrying extra credit cards, your Social Security card, birth certificate or passport with you outside the house can help you prevent identity theft.

•Watch your credit and bank statements.

After you have been hit, this is where the evidence lies. be sure to place a fraud report and cancel your bank accounts.

•Get your mail quickly, and limit the amount of secure documents mailed to you.

Mail is one of the most popular ways to get someones personal information. Be smart and have your check sent to the bank and not into your personal mailbox, this eliminates this method of attack.

These methods are simple, yet proven to help protect your personal information.

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