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This trick only works with Google Spreadsheets. It does not work with other Docs.

Online flashcards created with a Google Spreadsheet.

5 Great Tips when working with Google Spreadsheets.

You can clip your YouTube video to start and stop where you set it.  It clips out     the extra YouTube stuff and allows you to play the video full screen.

This is a digital means to turn in any assignment that contains a URL.

This is great when you need to create multiple QR codes.

Use Google forms and Batchgeo to create collaborative maps.

Create Easy Desktop shortcuts to websites.

This is great for picking names or other things at random.

URL Shorteners

This resource has all the character you wish were on you keyboard!

This is a great site for helping you to understand vocabulary in context!

You can add your own messages to create new versions of signs!  

Helps learners self-monitor noise levels.

This is a computational, knowledge engine.  You need answers, this is the site!

This free web-based whiteboard is collaborative, no login required, and work with any device (computer, tablet, smartphones).

Personalize you sticky notes with your name, checklists, editing tips, etc...

This site houses graphic organizers, calendars, templates, and much more!

100 great Google Docs Tips for Learners and Educators!

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