6th Grade Students' Work is Due before Christmas Break.

You should be totally done with your TenMarks sheet with green circles on each track. NO RED allowed! Be sure to talk to me if you are struggling.

Your TENMARKS tracks for Quarter 2 should be completed. Albums of tracks included:  Number Theory & Divisibility (3 tracks), Measurement (both albums, 1 track from each), Collecting & Displaying Data (3 tracks), Decimals (8 tracks), Intro. to Integers (# Line track), & Advanced Whole Numbers & Decimal Operations from 5th grade (7 tracks). All of this information is on your chart in your TECH folder. Right? 
*If you are behind, work up to 20 problems per track instead of the 30 assigned initially.

TYPING AGENT:  You need Units 1, 2 and 3 completed. 

All your lessons & TESTS should be green.

Tackk it up!