Summative Assessment of Unit 4 - Economics

Grade 3 Bazaar

The students of Grade 3 had a stimulating experience as businessman/women as they set up their own bazaar for their 4th Unit - Economics. The bazaar proved to be a grand success among the teachers who generously supported the event. The 3rd Graders learnt the skills of being an intricate businessman as they bargained and offered discounts and offers to their customers. There was a variety of stalls in the bazaar, as the students displayed their business skills through Lemonade ,Tattoo ,Bhel puri, homemade chocolates, Beauty parlor and other shops. There was even a library and mini Theater to entertain the customers.

Their experience of dealing with the money and participation in this activity enhanced their learning about various economic activities, as they also learnt the role of Demand and Supply.

The profit earned on the day has been given for a charitable cause.

Shikha Madan

Form Tutor

Grade 3A

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