Mobile Apps in the Classroom

In the K-12 Setting

This is Gianna's Tackkboard for Module 9!


  1. What is WordPress? WordPress is "a state of the art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards and usability." Aka, WordPress is a blogging website, where students can publish their work online.
  2. What can you use WordPress for? "WordPress started as just a blogging system, but has evolved to be used as full content management system and so much more through the thousands of plugins and widgets and themes, WordPress is limited only by your imagination." You can use WordPress to create a visual blog, in which students can post homework, writing and ideas, or even links to other online work.

Story Maker

  1. What is Story Maker? It is an online source that allows people to make stories.  Students are allowed to pick their type of story, and then Story Maker will provide them with choices of vocabulary and plot so they can create their own story.
  2. What can Story Maker be used for? Story Maker allows students to pick a genre of stories (ie. fairy tales, sci-fi, etc), and then asks the to create a story based on the words and vocabulary available. It assists in teaching children to learn English, in that they have to select and choose appropriate words and vocabulary for their story. It also helps to teach them new words through the selection of vocabulary available. Story Maker allows students to create their own stories while work on their English, and still have fun.

Photo pin

  1. What is Photo Pin? Photo pin is an image blogging website, as well as an image search engine among the blogs online.
  2. What can Photo Pin be used for? Photo Pin can be used to add and organize images for users. Users can also search for corresponding images on the website, which allows users access to "Creative Commons photos from Flickr and add them to your blog posts easily."


  1. What is the Elements?The elements: a Visual Exploration is an app available through the iTunes store that portrays the periodic table of elements." The Elements: A Visual Exploration is not just a reference app, it is a rich and engaging love story of the periodic table, told in words and pictures, and allowing you to experience the beauty and fascination of the building blocks of our universe in a way you've never seen before."
  2. What can The Elements be used for? This app can be used to teach students about the periodic table of elements, and the most basic blocks of human life. It can be used in a chemistry class specifically, and students can interact with the elements of life through their iPads, or smartphones.  It provides many different learning techniques, such as visual, auditory as well as a creative story that explains how the element came to be, bringing fun into a boring chemistry lesson.

Poll Everywhere

  1. What is Poll Everywhere? Poll Everywhere is a surveying app available online that allows students and teachers to both ask and answer questions collectively.
  2. How can Poll Everywhere be used? Poll Everywhere is an application much like TopHat, in which a question can be posted online, or overhead in class and students can respond to the poll through their many mobile devices, such as smart phones, laptops or iPads. There is an app for it available through the iTunes store, as well as a website online.  You can use it in the class to get feedback on certain lessons or teaching techniques, create classroom discussions and have debates as well.


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