Mobile Apps to Use in Education


#1. VoiceThread:

What is it? Voice thread is a web-based application that allows a collection of different medias such as videos, drawings, and pictures to be uploaded. The creator can then add audio comments and conversations using

How is it used? Students can use this tool to create stories and presentations to share with their peers as well as their teacher. This is great for students who are shy and have a hard time with public presentations.

#2. Flixlab:

What is it? Flixlab is an application for automated video and movie creation sharing.

How is it used? Students can use this app by combining different clips to create a movie or video that can be shared via social networks. This allows students to explore their creative side and make videos based on a given topic.

#3. iTranslate

What is it?  iTranslate is a free tool to translate languages.

How is it used? Students can use this app in a second language course to help them learn words, phrases and even sentences. Students type the words in and the translator reads them out. This audio tool can help aid students in their understanding and pronunciation of the language and words.

#4. Pocket Anatomy

What is it? Pocket Anatomy is an app that allows a visual tour of the musculoskeletal, neurovascular, and internal organ visual content.

How is it used? Students in higher level biology classes can use this app to help them explore and learn different parts of the body. Students can use this app to study as well as learn the language of anatomy.

#5. Brainpop

What is it? Brainpop is an animated educational site and app that allows students to watch videos and take quizzes on a range of different topics.

How is it used? Brainpop can be used to enhance and help demonstrate different concepts such as those found in biology, physics, and chemistry. The teacher can show these in class to offer a different way of learning and then have the students take the quiz, This can be used as a way to study and prep for exams.

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