Animal Adaptation Project

Created by Nancy Minicozzi as an example for students

My example

Student Steps

  1. Have your animal facts ready.
  2. Find an image of your animal to use as the base image for your ThingLink. Be sure you have the source information saved so you can cite it.
  3. Have a link to a live Google map OR a picture of a map showing where the animal lives.
  4. If you are able to find a short (3 minutes or less) video about your animal, you may include it.
  5. Log into ThingLink, add your image, and begin creating. Include at least two tags that give information about how the animal has adapted to its environment, a tag with the habitat map, a video (optional), and a tag with the citation information for your image. Give your ThingLink an appropriate title.
  6. When you are finished, submit your work by completing this Google form.

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