Ihab Anwar : Experiencing the World

University of Rhode Island student Ihab Anwar  recently enjoyed the opportunity to participate in a Semester at Sea program, one that allowed both he and his fellow students to gain invaluable exposure to countries and cultures lining the Atlantic Ocean. The opportunity, which he participated in during the Fall 2014 semester, took place aboard a cruise ship dubbed the MV Explorer, and provided both Anwar and hundreds of lucky students the chance to experience 17 different international cities located in 15 different countries.

Ihab Anwar, a studious and devoted academic, kept detailed notes of each experience along the way, recording the both the similarities and differences of peoples, customs and geography both he and his fellow students encountered during the trip. His notes, which will serve as the primary reference point for an extensive paper in the very near future, include a very detailed entry covering the group’s stop at the port city of Bridgetown, located on the beautiful Bahaman island of Barbados. The stop took place on November 22nd.

To know more visit: https://ihabanwaruk.wordpress.com/

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