Ihab Anwar: A Life-Changing Experience

Originally from Manchester, England, Ihab Anwar is currently a dedicated student at the acclaimed University of Rhode Island, where he is now in pursuit of a Marine Biology degree. Though now in the midst of his studies, Anwar continues to look back fondly on his Semester at Sea experience, one that provided him the opportunity to see and study the world in ways he never before thought possible.

The program, which took place during the Fall semester of 2014, provided students like Ihab Anwar the chance to obtain real, one-on-one experience with numerous historic cities, ports and countries through both Europe and the Caribbean. This life changing and exclusive experience, which is hosted annually by the Institute for Shipboard Education, puts students in touch with history, geography and culture in ways just not possible in a classroom setting.

One such stop was France’s Port of Le Havre, which continues to serve as one of the primary thoroughfares for ships making their way to Paris. Ihab Anwar, who had anticipated travelling to the City of Love, was somewhat disappointed that Paris wasn’t on the group’s itinerary, though the stop turned out to be a pleasant surprise for both Anwar and his fellow travelers.

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