Ihab Anwar: A Detailed Diary

Ihab Anwar is a college student from Manchester, England. He is currently enrolled at the University of Rhode Island, where he is studying marine biology. But he spent the Fall 2014 semester at sea, as part of a program called Semester at Sea.

He says that he has plenty to work with and to jog his memory, because he kept a detailed diary during his trip. The longest entries, he says, are about the various ports of call they made – seventeen in all. But there are a number of shorter entries (he wrote in it daily) that describe the other students in the program (he had a serious crush on an American student named Jenna and they've pledge to stay in touch) and the sometimes monotonous, day-to-day reality of a long sea voyage.

Visit https://ihabanwaruk.wordpress.com/ for complete details about Ihab Anwar.

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