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App Smashing to Promote a Love and Understanding of Poetry

App Smashing allows students to share thinking by making it visible through a variety of tools. It also allows students to creatively express themselves while writing and responding to poetry.

It doesn't have to be complicated!

Responding To Poetry

Create a collaborative or individual project on author's purpose using poetry.

Have students ...

  1. Organize thoughts on the author's purpose using Word Clouds.
  2. Create a Pic Collage share images that represent the book.
  3. Use Croak.it to record their thinking and copy the url of each croak.
  4. Add Croaks to the Pic Collage image using ThingLink.

Show Understanding of Content

Enhance Content with PoetryAfter an investigation or unit of study you could

  • have students write a poem including information or opinions
  • collaboratively write a poem
  • find a poem on the topic and use app smashing to add their own thinking / understanding
  • have students reflect on a poem of your choosing and how it relates to the topic

Use Haiku Deck for Poetry

Haiku Deck & ChatterPix

Free Images Resource

Book Creator Is AWESOME!!

Animal / Topic Poems

Pic Collage + audioBoom + ThingLink = A Recipe for Visible Thinking Success

Collaborate! Create to show thinking, then add to one class / group collage. Record voice & thinking with audioBoom, and add to the collage with ThingLink.

Sharing Poetry Challenge

As you and your students write, publish, and respond to poetry use what they've created to create a "memory book" in poems.

Last year my students wrote poems to reflect some of their favorite memories at the end of the year. We compiled all these poems together using ThingLink to create an anthology of sorts.


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