In this unit, we will learn about four different types of transformations: reflection, rotation, translation, and dilation. The YouTube video below explains the reflection (flip), rotation (turn), and translation (slide).


A reflection shows the same image on both sides of an axis of reflection. The image below is a reflection of trees in a body of water. The axis of reflection would be the bank.


A translation is a sliding of an object or line horizontally, vertically, or a combination of the two. The box below is an example of a vertical translation.


A rotation is a turn of an object about an axis of rotation. The bike below is turned about an axis of rotation going through the center of the bike.


A dilation is the growth or the shrink an object goes through. The pupils of the boy below show both a dilation of growth and dilation of shrink. Pupils change in size relative to the amount of light available.