Coastal Cities: The Baltic Sea

Learn about Milwaukee - Travel to the Baltic

Visit the cities of Gdansk, Kalmar, Malmö and Copenhagen.
Led by professors David Brooker & Jodi Eastberg

Coastal Cities:The Baltic Sea is a course designed to introduce students to multiple ways that cities are impacted by, interact with, and transform their coasts.  Students will spend the spring semester studying characteristics of coastal cities using Milwaukee as their first destination.  Then in June of 2013, students will travel to Poland, Sweden and Denmark to compare coastal cities.


  • Alverno undergraduates should register for INS309: Coastal Cities: The Baltic Sea.  Students wishing to take the course for GEC300 credit will need to have meet the pre-reqs for that course.  Students wishing to take the course for HFA credit will need to create a permit explaining you will use this course to meet that requirement.
  • Alverno graduate students are also invited to join the course.  Graduate students wishing to take this course as an elective should register for MGT650: Coastal Cities with David Brooker and Jodi Eastberg.  Because graduate students seem to have a Saturday morning conflict and will be doing different assessments for the course, we will schedule six meetings together over the course of the spring semester once registration is finalized.
  • All Alverno students (undergraduate and graduate) are reminded that they need to make a $150 deposit payment in Alverno's business office to register for the course.
  • Community members who are interested in studying coastal cities are also invited to join the trip.  They should register via Telesis and are strongly encouraged to participate in the semester preparations for the trip.