Child Heroes

Deamonte Love, Ariel Creamer, Matt corrigan

Similarities Between All Three Heroes

  Even though the heroes were three different people they had many things in common. They're all heroes because they did an act of kindness to help others. The kids all survived a hurricane. Ariel and Matt are survivors of Hurricane Sandyand Deamonte was an earlier hero. He survived Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Deamonte, Ariel, and Matt are only kids.  Matt is 16, Ariel is 14, and Deamonte was 6 years old. With an act so special they were noticed by many.

   Despite the similarities between all three kids, they aren't completely the same. Only two people may share the same qualities or actions. For example, Matt and Deamonte are males. The boys are responsible because they took care of other people. Deamonte had to take care of toddlers for days by himself  to get them to safety at age six. Matt helped his neighbors cross the frigid water in a swift but calm matter. Both of the boys walked through the streets at some point in the storm. Matt and Ariel have some thing in common like, they both live in Rockaway. Matt and Ariel are survivors of Hurricane Sandy and they helped others in their area. Ariel made a Facebook page to replace the toys kids lost from Hurricane Sandy. During the the hurricane Matt and Ariel were with their family. Deamonte and Ariel share similarities too. Both Deamonte and Ariel helped little kids. They got to safety before the hurricane became really serious. Deamonte went to Dallas and Ariel went to a relatives house. The two kids got something out of their acts. Deamonte was rewarded with a book, and Ariel received an award from the President. Deamonte and Ariel helped strangers. Ariel's Facebook page attracted different people around the country to help the kids in her area. Deamonte saved the lives of little kids he didn't really know.


   Matt, Ariel, and Deamonte differ in many ways. For instance, unlike the others Matt risked his life trying to save his neighbors. He was in the middle of the hurricane. He witnessed fire spreading throughout the neighborhood , and Matt's only 16.  Ariel is different too. She made a Facebook page to replace the toys kids lost due to Hurricane Sandy and she's only 14. Even though Deamonte got to safety, Ariel was safe when she was warned. Nobody got an award like Ariel did. Daemonte differs from Matt and Ariel because he's only and had to take care of toddlers for many days. To get to safety, Deamonte had to fly in a helicopter to Dallas. He helped reunite mothers and their children after being separated to safety. Another major difference is Daemonte survived Hurricane Katrina not Hurricane Sandy.

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