Samuel de Champlain

By:Simon Huang 4-402

        His Life            

   Samuel De Champlain was born in Brouage, France 1567. When he was a young boy or teen he traveled with his uncle sometimes. After a while when Samuel was a young man he traveled out into sea with his boat and crew. The thing he wanted was riches and spices. He also went out to find the shorter way to Asia. Before that he asked the queen of France to get a boat and traveled from France to Lake Ontarian 1629. He was kidnapped and imprisoned by English solders. Before that the crew attacked the English solders,he gave up July 19,1629. He died in 1635. After all that we will always remember him by the name of the Champlain River. Also we remember him by the statue in Ottawa.

The statue of Samuel de Champlain

               This statue is in Ottawa and this is the memory of Samuel de Champlain. On the bottom of the statue there are native americans and some angels blowing in trumpets. This was built since 192 and it was the 300th anniversary.

Lake Champlain

                 This is lake Samuel De Champlain named when he was attacked by the Iroqious. This battle almost caused Samuel to lose his life. But luckily a Huron ally came and saved Samuel. This lake is located in Vermont.

Samuel's Ship The Don De Dieu

His Life Span

  • Samuel was born in 1567 France, Brouage.
  • Samuel turned a bit older and went sailing with his uncle.
  • Samuel turned into an adult and asked King Henry the 4th  to sail oout into sea for riches,spices,and a shorter way to Asia.
  • He went to sea with his crew on the 1609-1616.
  • He was sent prison in 1629.
  • He died on December 25,1635 during he was in prison.

His Route

             This was Samuel de Champlain's route from France to Cape Cod. He traveled from 1608-1616. When Samuel de Champlain reached lake, the Iroquois attacked him.

X[]X    AMBUSH    X[]X

    Samuel's battle with the Iroquois was bad for Samuel. He was claiming the lake known as Lake Champlain and shot the Iroquois.Then, the battle was on. One of the Iroquois members shot Samuel on the shoulder. Luckily, one of the Huron ally saved Samuel by the wound. Then the battle was over.


Samuel de Champlain's Memorial

    Samuel de Champlain is also remembered by his memorial.


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