K-12 Mobile Learning

Five Educational Apps

1) StoryKit App (available for iPhones)

StoryKit allows students to create their own stories.

I would use this app in my English (or LA) classrooms as a way to encourage students to write. Because of the way this app is formatted, there is "whenever you can" type approach to writing.

2) VoiceThread App: (available for iPhones and iPads)

VoiceThread allows for the mixture of several mediums, while also adding a level of convenience.  

This app could be used as a journaling tool. For a teacher that wants students to draw on life as inspiration.

3)TextMinder: (available for iPhones)

TextMinder is a means to remind students of up coming submission deadlines, as well as general organization.

Though I would not use this as a educational tool per say, it would be another way to encourage promptness in students. I would use this with all of my students, but especially those that are struggling to hand in things on time or are generally unprepared.

4)GeeTasks: (available for iPhones and iPads)

An app that is all about time management!

As students move into higher grade levels there is more expected of them. Not only academically, but at home, and socially. This means that it is easy for students to become disorganized in all aspects of their lives. I would encourage students to use this is app as you can add tasks, due dates, general schedules, and lists. All while they are getting reminders on their iPad or iPhone.

5)Dictionary.com App: (available for iPhones and iPads)

Paper dictionaries are going the way of the dinosaurs, so why not update with a dictionary app? This will allow for quick and easy access to the same information that is made clunky in classrooms now.

I would encourage all of my students to have this in one form or another in all of my classes. This would allow for much greater ease of use, as well as encouraging broader vocabularies due to barriers being removed.

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