my favorite basketball team

austin nestor

Truth is if u don't like the Lakers than that's bad but below will tell u about them.  

the Lakers are a very strong team they have won many NBA championships this team is good but the Lakers have been my favorite team since i was a little boy Kobe Bryant number 24 inspires me to do my best and never give up in fact all of the players can and will inspire you if you let them so that is a little bit about the Lakers. also i like the Lakers because they always do there best to win and they never give up they always go hard all day and do there best they make me want to do my best to do my dreams so the Lakers are a very inspiring team. the Lakers have broke so many NBA records in a single game and that helps to make them  a more powerful team and make other teams not want to play them cause teams know that if they let the Lakers get on a role they will run you out of the gym and win by a bunch. so if your team ever plays the Lakers you best start the game out good or lose so that's the great Lakers you should like them.  also the Lakers are a very hard team to play so u should love the Lakers so that's  watch them you might like them now u know why i like them so much.

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