Tang Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty started around early 500's after the Hang Dynasty

. When Buddhism arrived as an idea from India, It really took hold. It went side by side with Confucianism and Taoism. These were known in T'ang times as the Three Doctrines. These ideas and ways of life influenced Japan and Korea with exposing them to Buddhism, writing system, Confucianism, and having a respect for nature. But the major contributions they gave away through trade to american society is gunpowder, compass, mechinal clock, porcelain, spinning wheel, and block printing. Chinese were known for trade through a road called the silk road. This road let them trade silk to western cultures such as the Muslim's and Byzantine Empire during which made them lots of wealth.

The Tang Dynasty ended after the act called  'Baima Yi Disaster', in 907, Zhu Quanzhong forced Emperor Ai to leave his tittle and then took to the throne, changed the national title to Liang and moved the capital city to Kaifeng

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