the amazing john glenn

by Matthew Cunnane

John Glenn was born in Cambridge July 18 1921.He was the first American to orbit earth three times in less than five hours. He orbited earth in a spacecraft called the Friendship 7.He then became the oldest person to travel to space and reassigned to the U.S. Marine Corps.On April 6,1943 Glenn married Anna margaret Castor and had two children John david and Carolyn Ann.

When World War II was on he was pilot in the Pacific Theater.He flew 59 missions and during the Korean War he flew 90 combat missions and shot down three enemy planes. After a while he was reassigned to Marine Squadron. Fifty years after becoming the first U.S. astronaut to orbit earth he recieved the Medal of Freedom.

John Glenn was test pilot.He tested plans so that they were safe for other people to use. This helped to make him suitable for space travel. Because he was the first man to leave the earth's atmosphere he lead the way for all the astronauts to go further into space.