Tragedy at the Zoo

The death of a giraffe

The tragic death of Jafari arouses suspicion

On November the 4th, Jafari the giraffe collapsed in his barn, in the Greater Vancouver Zoo. He was the third giraffe to die in the same year, at the zoo. Last November  Eleah, a 23 year old giraffe died just three days later, after her babies death.. Only one giraffe, five year old Pompy, is left.

A recent study has linked giraffe deaths to cold weather, and the lack or fat, and nutrition. (Though Jafari did not die from cold, the zoo announced). It appears a lot of zoos aren't able to provide the required feed for animals. Which leads them to mixing their food with other less nutritious ingredients.

The SPCA are to look more into this case.

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